Lowpoint Washburn District 21

District Office

508 E Walnut St

Washburn, IL 61570

Phone: (309) 248-7522

Fax: (309) 248-7518

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Our mission is to develop life-long

learners to succeed in a changing

world. With that mission, our faculty

and staff strive to maintain

excellence through an exciting

learning environment.

We believe that our students should:

    -know how to learn, communicate effectively, and think

      creatively and analytically

    -set goals, strive to do their best, develop good character,

      self-respect, and a feeling of self-worth

    -use technology and prepare to adjust to the needs of

      our changing society

    -practice good citizenship.

At Lowpoint Washburn District 21, we believe that today’s students are tomorrow’s future. We want to make it bright for them so they will keep it bright forever!


Elementary School

701 N Lynn St

Washburn, Il 61570

Phone: (309) 248-7221

Fax: (309) 248-7906

Middle School

508 E Walnut St

Washburn, IL 61570

Phone: (309) 248-7087

Fax: (309) 248-7518

Jr/Sr High School

508 E Walnut St

Washburn, IL 61570

Phone: (309) 248-7521

Fax: (309) 248-7410

Welcome to Lowpoint Washburn District #21!

Jr High 
Sr High